Welcome to Revere

Our Story

Large Language Models (LLMs) have captured the world’s attention since OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT in November 2022. A new inflection point in our digital journey has emerged, as significant as the creation of the commercial web, the introduction of the smartphone, and the launch of social media. 

At Revere, we believe that the emergence of LLMs and Generative AI will be especially disruptive for marketers as we transition for searching for links to searching for answers. Revere was founded by technology and marketing leaders with the mission of helping marketers with one of their next big challenges and opportunities – elevating their brands and improving customer journeys with LLMs and Co-Pilots.

Why the name Revere? It’s about two Reveres - Paul Revere and Brand Revere. Like Paul Revere, we are sounding the alarm to marketers on how LLMs will be major influencers, upend traditional search, impact purchase decisions, and transform the customer journey. Most importantly, we are all about helping companies develop brands that are Revered.

Meet the Founders

  • Mike ensing image
    Mike Ensing
    Founder & CEO
    C-Suite veteran, former Microsoft and McKinsey
  • Image001
    Jarvis Bowers
    Founder & COO
    Global Marketing and Digital Transformation Leader

Our Advisors

  • Peter Fader Photo
    Peter Fader
    Wharton Professor of Marketing, Entrepreneur
  • Bruce Jaffe Photo
    Bruce Jaffe
    Investor, General Partner at J4 Ventures
  • Paul Ryan
    Paul Ryan
    CTO, Multiple Adtech and Search Marketing Companies