Announcing Revere – Committed to Elevating Brands in a World of Generative AI

updated on 20 May 2024

On a soggy April night, Paul Revere made his famous ride through the streets of Boston warning his fellow patriots that the British were coming. Invasion was imminent and the Minutemen throughout the colonies would need to take up arms to protect themselves from the threat to come.

We’ve formed Revere to serve a similar purpose: To alert Brands and Marketers that change is coming and it’s coming quickly. Unlike Paul Revere, our message is one of opportunity and not fear. We see the emergence of Generative AI experiences like ChatGPT, Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), Pi, Bing Co-Pilot, and Perplexity as a chance for Brands to differentiate themselves and excel. 

The rapid introduction of consumer facing generative AI experiences will forever change brand representations, product opinions, customer journeys and consequently transform Marketing. As Microsoft, Google and others integrate Generative AI capabilities into their search interfaces and co-pilots, the consumer buying experience will become much more consultative and much more personalized in nature. The most immediate changes can already be seen.

Prompt ChatGPT or SGE with the question, “What is the best electric SUV for me” and note how the response provides not only answers but a list of key things to consider when choosing an automobile. Search as we’ve known it will change as we move from a listing of relevant links to an entirely new customer journey presenting both new opportunities and challenges for marketers.

Engage with a Digital Co-Pilot or assistant like Bing Co-Pilot or Inflection’s PI and witness how a future where digital assistants research brands and make product recommendations for us.  

Generative AI will become the next major influencer of consumer decisions.

We launched Revere to elevate Brands in a Generative AI world. We are building products and services to allow Marketers to discover, monitor, measure and elevate their brand’s reputation among LLMs and Co-Pilots. In short, to allow Brands to be Revered!

There is so much more to the story of Revere. Contact us to discover and optimize how your brands are represented by Generative AI.

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