Marketing’s Next Big Opportunity and Challenge: LLMs Will Be the Next Big Influencers of Our Time

updated on 20 May 2024

Prompt ChatGPT or Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) with the question, “What is the best cruise to Alaska” and it is easy to see that Generative AI will impact consumer decision making at a massive scale. From providing recommendations vs links, enabling conversational search, and reaching large audiences (i.e., current and new) Generative AI technologies, and specifically Large Language Models (LLMs), will be the next big influencers of our time.

Marketing conversations on Generative AI have mainly focused on productivity, content generation, and personalization to date. At Generative AI Solutions, we have a very different take on the most important impact of Generative AI on Marketing. Through the rise of generative AI technologies like co-pilots and generative AI based search, LLMs will influence more than 3 billion people within the next 3 years.

LLMs will drive content and recommendations across a broad range of mediums including:

  • Generative AI based search (e.g. Google SGE, Bing/GPT4)
  • Personal and professional co-pilots (e.g. ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, and Pi)
  • Enterprise generative AI based offerings (e.g. Microsoft Co-Pilot, Google Duet, bespoke)
  • AI based mobile applications (e.g. Expedia)

With Microsoft’s and Google’s integration of Generative AI fully throughout their ecosystems, the canvas for brand discovery has expanded exponentially. But with that opportunity, brands must now face the challenge of ensuring that their brands are part of the LLM conversation and their mentions are accurate and favorable.

The stakes are very high, LLMs will influence brand and product opinions, purchase decisions and company reputation. Marketing organizations need to address this industry disruption now by understanding how LLMs are reflecting their products and brands. At Generative AI Solutions, we can assist marketing organizations through our LLM/Co-Pilot Discovery, Monitoring and Optimization tools, products, and consulting services.

LLMs Will Be the Next Big Influencers - More than 3 Billion People Within the Next 3 Years

Through the rollout of generative AI solutions and co-pilots, LLMs promise to be the biggest influencers of our time. In our estimation, LLMs will impact more than 3 billion people within the next 3 years and will touch consumers and professionals daily through the deployment and uptake of genAI technologies.

And the industry disruption is already starting to occur.  ChatGPT has over 170 million monthly users and 60 million daily users. Additionally, Google SGE is currently in beta withing Google Labs. There is no current estimate on the number of users but imagine the impact when Google SGE is rolled out more fully to its 4.7 billion user base; some firms estimate that Google will rollout SGE late this year, our best guess is that roll-out will begin sometime mid next year. Regardless, there is not much time for marketers to prepare.

LLMs Will Have Tremendous Reach – Touching Consumers and Professionals Multiple Times Daily

The reach of LLMs to consumers and professionals will be vast. LLMs will drive content generation across a variety of channels providing the opportunity for multiple touch points daily for consumers and professionals.

Generative AI based Search

  • Example: Google SGE, Bing/GPT4
  • Impact: High
  • Customer Experience: Conversational search and recommendations will change consumer behavior, leading to more clickless search activity

Personal and Professional Co-Pilots

  • Example: ChatGPT, BARD, Pi, Claude
  • Impact: Very High
  • Customer Experience: Robust personalization on behalf of the customer will give consumers more control over the marketing messages they see

Enterprise Offerings

  • ​Example: Microsoft Co-Pilot, Google Duet, Bespoke
  • Impact: High
  • Customer Experience: Brand touch points expand into the workday via integration with business productivity platforms

Mobile Apps

  • Example: Expedia
  • Impact: Medium
  • Customer Experience: App enabled by LLM’s via Service Bots and Shopping assistants will raise expectations for brand experience

The Business Impact Will Be Massive

As LLMs touch professionals and consumers they will shape company reputation, brand and product opinion, and purchase decisions. In addition, they will shape web traffic. And what does this all lead to…trillions of dollars of brand value and revenue at play. Need we say more...

Marketing Organizations Should Start Addressing Now

At Generative AI Solutions, we believe that marketers should start to address LLMs as key influencers now. There is first mover advantage for those companies that 1) understand how LLMs are reflecting their brands and product, and 2) begin optimizing their content and marketing strategies for how LLMs represent them.

Key actions for marketers are:

  • Understand how LLMs are portraying their brands, products and companies among the most important prompts
  • Understand how LLMs are responding to key industry non branded prompts
  • Understand how company brands and products are stacking up against the competition
  • Perform overall risk assessment to traffic, brand opinion, product view, and company reputation
  • Developing and implementing optimization strategies including moving from SEO to LLM and Co-Pilot Optimization (CPO)

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